ReportServer - The Business Intelligence Suite

Powerful, web-based open source business intelligence solution. 

ReportServer combines a maximum of flexibility with a surface easy to handle for expert users. 

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KiDS – The Data Management Application for Nurseries and Schools

Do you need a simple and intuitive solution for managing your children’s contracts as well as the data of interested children and their parents?
KiDS is a data bank based web application, which enables the process and contract management of children and pupils. Furthermore, it allows you to manage the data of interested children and pupils.

M. Strategie

M.Stategie is a framework for executing, versioning and administration of SQL statements. All data transformations and processing tasks can be solved with the tools provided – from simple interfaces to complete warehouses.


Easy and fast data delivery out of SAP tables (cluster, pooled and transparent tables) as well as function blocks into secondary databases (e.g. Oracle).

Your data, our expertise!

Do you want your data flow to become more automate and efficient in order to reduce time and costs?